“Game Day” by Sage Gordon

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Please email all submissions to wvoice@oberlin.edu with “Submission” included in the subject line. We accept all common file formats.


Nonfiction pitches*: EXTENDED Feb.18, 2023

Fiction, poetry, visual art, etc.: March 19, 2023

Pieces submitted after the final deadline will be considered for publication on a rolling basis.

*Pitches should be one or two paragraphs long, and should briefly outline the story that you want to tell and why you are the right person to tell it. Every nonfiction piece goes through multiple rounds of editing, copy-editing, and fact-checking before publication.

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We have the following positions open for Spring 2023:

Assistant Editor: application deadline Feb. 10, 2023

To apply for an Assistant/General Editor position, please fill out the Google Form linked below. Then, download and complete the editing practice below (our style guide is located here for your convenience), and email it to wvoice@oberlin.edu with “[LAST NAME] EDIT PRACTICE” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!

Staff Applications Spring 2023 – Open

Wilder Voice Edit Practice

Wilder Voice Style Guide

“Back Brake Companion” by Brock Bierly


Dorothy Levine

Senior Editor

Dorothy is a fourth-year from Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying Psychology and Creative Writing. Her favorite animals are vampire squids, Anglo-Nubian goats, and corn snakes. 

Emily Alfano

Senior Editor

Emily is a fourth-year from Chatham, New Jersey, studying English and German. She enjoys creative writing and learning how to crochet.

Erika Scharf

Senior Editor

Erika is a second-year from Niles, Ohio, planning to major in English and minor in French. She loves to write, especially creative writing, and enjoys music and theater. 

Henry Feller

General Editor

Henry is a Chicagoan first-year eager to major in Neuroscience and “something else”–whatever that may be. His dreams for the future include starting a bakery, writing a book, and successfully foraging fungi. 

Saffron Forsberg

General Editor

Saffron—just like the spice—is a fourth-year English major and over-caffeinated painter from Southeast Texas. In her snatches of free time, she enjoys reading and constructing melodramatic prose poems, dancing very poorly with her punk-y friends, nursing her paperback collection, and riding her broken bike, Duchess, really really fast.

Evie Ford

General Editor

Evie is a fourth-year.

Reyah Doshi

General Editor

Reyah is a first-year student from the Chicago suburbs, planning to major in English and Environmental Studies. She loves folk music, green tea, lying down in grass, and writing letters. 

Yendi Kai Foo

General Editor

Yendi Kai is a first-year from Kingston, Jamaica (who also spent the last three years studying in Lawrenceville, NJ). They’re on the pre-med track and an aspiring Neuroscience and English major. When she isn’t busy pulling all-nighters or down exorbitant amounts of caffeine, she loves sleeping. One day, Yendi Kai hopes to spot an albino squirrel or pronounce the phrase ‘butter pecan’ like an American – whichever comes first.

Hayden/Haze Doleys

General Editor

Haze is a second-year from Acworth, GA studying Creative Writing, Writing & Communication, Journalism, and Jewish Studies.  If you’re bored, ask her about her novel, the ocean, or emo music – you’ll get hours of entertainment!

Avery Russell

General Editor

Avery is a first-year student from New York City (the best city in the world) and hopes to major in English and minor in GSFS. When she’s not studying in Azzies until 12 or running for Oberlin Cross Country and Track team she enjoys watching 90s rom coms, dancing in her dorm room to Conan Gray, and writing short stories that contain no plot, only vibes. 

Ari Heff

General Editor

Ari is a second-year from Newton, Massachusetts, studying Creative Writing, History and Math. He is the proud owner of way too many lego sets, a dog named Challah Dog (Holly for short), and sometimes wishes he could turn himself inside out just to see what it would look like.

Maya McCollum

Arts & Layout Editor

Maya is a fourth-year Studio Art and TIMARA double degree student from upstate NY. She loves to spend her free time on a kayak.


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Editors Emeriti

Ally Chase ’22

Senior Editor

Ally, from Massachusetts, majored in Psychology and English. She loves espresso drinks, reading memoirs, and writing letters. She is hopeful that someday she will see a moose.

Gillian Sutliff ’22

Senior Editor

Gillian, from Brooklyn, majored in English and History. Her basement contains every book she’s read since age six.

Away for Spring

Shira Friedman-Parks

Senior Editor, Arts & Layout

Shira is a third-year from Chicago, Illinois, studying Sociology. She wishes she could fit inside an envelope or something like that.

Wiley Martinez

General Editor

Wiley is a third-year from San Antonio, Texas; studying Creative Writing and Comparative Literature; and firmly clinging to the belief that human beings were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another.