Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Volume 14, Issue 26

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Table of Contents

Art from Bridget Conway, Benjamin Stevens, and Rachel Weinstein
Works from the print issue, viewable in high-quality digital format.


Emma June Marcus, “Since March”

Lily Cat Woodbury, “To Come and Become” 

Cultural Miasma

Hannah Tishkoff,“Camp Magic” 

Temporal Reflections

Kira Findling, “A Good Night’s Sleep” 

Gabe Schneier, “Limburg”


Madisyn Mettenberg, “Acrostic”

Town & Gown

Gillian Pasley, “Down at the Discotheque”
Forty years in ’Sco history.

Visual Processes

Nina Josephson, interviewed by Bridget Conway

Four Poems

Eliana Carter, “I Put a Spell on You” 

Eliana Carter, “After Dinner” 

Grace McAllister, “I Catch Myself ” 

Charlie Rinehart-Jones, “Ode to the Texas Toad” 

Contributing Artists

Jacob Butcher, Bridget Conway, Julia DiFiori, Brady Marks, Laurel Moore, Amanda Poorvu, Ian Ruppenthal, Benjamin Stevens, and Rachel Weinstein