Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Volume 13, Issue 25

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Table of Contents

Art from Jessica Moskowitz, Francesca Ott, Ian Ruppenthal, Molly Sheffield, Anna Stearn, Rachel Weinstein, and Leah Yassky
Works from the print issue, viewable in high-quality digital format. 


Charlotte Price, “향수병”

S. Fishman, “A (Sexy) Time”

Town & Gown

Lydia Moran, “Ankle Deep in Mud & Water”
Morality & perfection in Oberlin’s Landscape.

Visual Processes

Julia Schrecengost, interviewed by Bridget Conway

Maya Howard-Watts, interviewed by Julia Friend

Octavia Bürgel, interviewed by Bridget Conway

Four Poems

Gillian Pasley, “Sometimes Walk Outside”

Gillian Pasley, “And Now a Couple of Words from a White Picket Fence:”

Jacob Fidoten, “Diaspora”

Jacob Fitoden, “Unvoiced Consonance”

Field Notes

Cultural Miasma


Isak Saaf, “A Book About Happiness”
Consisting of poems and dialogues.