Clara Rosarius (she/her)

Editor-in-Chief, Media, Layout and Arts

Clara is a third-year from Germany and New York City, majoring in creative writing and English with a minor in music. She enjoys reading picture books and plans to adopt two cows and a donkey at some point in the future. 

Dorothy Levine (she/her)

Editor-in-Chief, Treasurer and Communications

Dorothy is a third-year student from Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying psychology and creative writing. Her favorite animals are vampire squids, Anglo-Nubian goats, and corn snakes. 

Gillian Sutliff (she/her)

Editor-in-Chief, Communications

Gillian is a senior from Brooklyn, New York, majoring in English and history. Her basement contains every book she’s read since age six.

Ally Chase (she/her)

General Editor

Ally is a third-year from Massachusetts, studying psychology and English. She loves espresso drinks, reading memoirs, and writing letters. She is hopeful that someday she will see a moose.

Anna Harberger (she/her)

General Editor & Arts and Layout Editor

Anna Harberger is a third-year majoring in English with a minor in comparative literature. She loves serif fonts, baking bread, and streaming the Seattle Aquarium’s 24 Hour Live Sea Otter Cam on Youtube.

Emily Alfano (she/her)

General Editor

Emily is a third-year from Chatham, New Jersey, studying English and German. She enjoys creative writing and learning how to crochet.

Saffron Forsburg (she/her)

General Editor

Saffron—just like the spice—is a third-year English major and over-caffeinated painter from Southeast Texas. In her snatches of free time, she enjoys reading and constructing melodramatic prose poems, dancing very poorly with her punk-y friends, nursing her paperback collection, and riding her broken bike, Duchess, really really fast.

Shira Friedman-Parks (she/her)

Arts & Layout Editor

Shira is a second-year from Chicago, Illinois, studying psychology. Her favorite smells are cinnamon and vanilla. She would like to thank her two gargoyles, Chester and Sherwood, for watching over her. 

Nell Beck ’21 (she/her)

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Nell graduated from Oberlin with a degree in English. She currently lives in New York and will be moving to London (fulfilling a Harry Potter-induced childhood fantasy) in the fall to pursue a Masters in art history.

Sam Schuman ’21 (he/him)

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Sam graduated from Oberlin with a degree in history, French, and English. He currently lives in the New York metro area, where he likes to sit in parks and sometimes also sit indoors.