Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Volume 17, Issue 34

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Table of Contents


Catherine Horowitz, “Road Trip Story”

Sadie Owens, “Stories From Down Home”

Catherine Horowitz, “To All The Boy Bands I’ve Loved Before”

Stephanie Manning, “Racing For Everyone”

Ellie Williams, “In Search of My Self”

Peter Fray-Witzer, “Why We Breathe”

Peter Fray-Witzer, “Strays”

Paris Mercurio, “The Extravaganza”

Poems & Fiction

Dorothy Levine, “Things That I Don’t Know” 

Wiley Martinez, “Drift (Oceanography in three easy steps)”

Wiley Martinez, “Trunk”

Brock Bierly, “Back Brake Companion”

Ben Shaffron-Davis, “Don’t Wake the Dead”

Jada-Leigh McGregor, “When Mothers Eat Their Young”

Jada-Leigh McGregor, “My Mother’s Face”

Wiley Martinez, “Nest”

Rose Rasor, “Multiverse Theory”

Gina Thompson, “I lost my left earring”

Saffron Forsberg, “Of Lone, Wandering, and Unsung Bodies”

Contributing Artists

Aislinn Cannistrao, Brock Bierly, Chloe Casdagli, Clea Gunn, Lila Liebsekind, Nathaniel Coben, Nina Hoyt, Saffron Foresberg, Shira Friedman-Parks, Sophie Winner, Wiley Martinez