Fall 2021

Fall 2021

Volume 17, Issue 33

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Table of Contents


Gillian Sutliff, “Summer of Healing”

Ava Fisherman, “I’ll see you again in Paris”

Emery Haze, “When You Give a Student a Killer Notebook”

Paris Mercurio, “Showstopper”

Kenji Anderson, “Hyperminimalist”

Poems & Fiction


Will Young, “Goliath” & “Untitled”

Monte Montero, “Ursie Steals Flowers”

Shannon Schulz, “The Dark”

Milo Projansky Ono, “Last march”

Saffron Forsberg, “Shaved Beauties Volume II” & “She Pays You Great Attention”

Juli Freedman, “On Repulsions,” “And On Celibacy” & “Cartoons”

Shannon Schulz, “Ten ways of looking at the moon” 

Contributing Artists

Ila Astin, Henley Childress, Nathaniel Coben, Lee Cocco, Christine Dugas, Lillian Gibson, Sage Gordon, Siona Henze, Nina Hoyt, Lila Liebeskind, Wiley Martinez, Nicolas Stebbins, Dalia Tomilchik, Becky Trigo & Vincent Zhu