Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Volume 16, Issue 31

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Table of Contents

Editors’ Letter
In which Sam and Nell say goodbye and hello.

Art from Amon DeVane and Vincent Zhu
Works from the print issue, viewable in high-quality digital format.


Ally Chase, “A Lizzy-Shaped Space”
The closeness and hope of female friendship.

Visual Processes

Liam Ashbrook, interviewed by Clara Rosarius

Literary Fare

Lilyanna D’Amato, “The World From Below”
The best children’s literature sees the world from below; revisiting it as an adult is an act of returning to oneself.

Cultural Miasma

Lila Templin, “Unequal Footing”
Navigating Oberlin’s latent culture of wealth.

Four Poems

Dorothy Levine, “Seedlings”

Madeleine Feola, “Lacuna”

Desmond Hearne Morrey, “The Mathematician and the Ant.”

Ally Chase, “Orchid Story”

Temporal Reflections

Gillian Sutliff, “Halloween”
Terror and tedium in New York.


Sam Schuman, “(Re)Creating the Past”
The distinction between “correct” and “true,” or what we talk about when we talk about “history.”

Jemma Johnson-Shoucair, “The Lucas Effect”
Hubris, tragic boredom, and the groundbreaking digital effects technology behind one of the biggest letdowns in 21st-century cinema.

Contributing Artists

Ava Chessum, Amon DeVane, Katie Frevert, Stella Mulroney, and Vincent Zhu