call transcript to my friend on saturday morning 

by Kira Mesch| Poetry | Summer 2021

Missus by Anna Harberger

CW: Alcohol use

the speaker of my poem told me to tell you she’s actually really fucking sorry that she left you alone at that party last night but her boyfriend was just really drunk and she was actually just getting him home and she’s sorry she didn’t text you and she was going to tell you earlier but 

she lost all her contacts she’s been totally off the grid i think she put her new number on her instagram or something so if you could text the speaker of my poem’s new number with your info she’d totally appreciate it and also if her boyfriend said anything mean to you he didn’t mean it he’s actually super nice if you talk to him 

no but it was actually crazy i’m not making it up last night there was a second party after the speaker of my poem took her boyfriend home and we really missed you the speaker of my poem totally would have invited you but it’s the whole phone thing she actually needs you to text her first but anyways the speaker of my poem got into a fight and she broke somebody’s nose but it was actually so funny because the girl totally deserved it the speaker of my poem pulled her hair so hard it came out into a clump in her hand and she punched the girl’s nose there was so much blood it was like a murder show it was crazy no like it was actually crazy 

the speaker of my poem stole a purse last night the speaker of my poem vomited into a thorn bush last night i held the speaker of my poem’s hair last night while her blood-stained hands were gripping her knees the throw up had chunks of pepperoni in it it smelled like melon vodka the speaker of my poem put on such a fucking spectacle it was pathetic to watch don’t tell her i told you that but yeah no we should do lunch sometime you should definitely text her

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